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Echoes in the Meadow

Echoes in the Meadow is MorningBird’s debut album.  MorningBird began as a duo in 2020 with Rob Wheeler (vocals, lead guitar, harmonica, mandolin, stomp box) and Jill Burkes (vocals, guitar, violin).  In early 2023 the pair added Josh Palmi (vocals, upright bass) to the mix.  The trio was quick to find their sound, with haunting harmonies and melodic string arrangements. 

ALBUM ART by Marissa Sauer


National street date: 5/10/2024

Echoes in the Meadow is a result of the magic that happened when the trio spent 3 weeks on the road - traveling, writing, and playing gigs across the west in the Fall of 2023.  After touring they quickly made their way into the studio.

All three members are songwriters and trade off writing and singing leads throughout the album.  The album includes three traditional songs (Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning, Swallowtail Jig, and Dig a Hole in the Meadow) -arranged by MorningBird.  All other songs are originals by the trio.

Special guests on the album: Jesse and Ryan Dermody of Brothers Burn Mountain
Jesse Dermody percussion on tracks 2, 3, 7, &10.
Ryan Dermody backing vocals on tracks 7, 9, &11; percussion on track 2.

Recorded at DiArmada Studios in the great Northwoods of MN (unless otherwise noted.)
Produced and engineered by Ryan Dermody.  
Tracks 1, 5, and 8 were recorded and mixed by Rich Mattson at Sparta Sound.  
All tracks mastered by Tom Garneau.  
Cover Art by Marissa Saurer.

Album  (coming 5/10/24)

Video - Birds & bees

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